The end of human civilization

The people of Aspira lived in peace with the people of the volcanic land. But the king broke this peace pact and invoked a dark war. The demon Kalis destroyed everything that was created by human hands and made it disappear. The human species seemed to be gone too.

This was the end of human civilization ...

The return of the people

In Re.poly you will be called back to life by the magician Grindun. He needs your help to activate the restoration shrines for the return of the human species and to stand up to the king of the volcanic land and his demons.

Re.poly offers a lot of possibilities

Together with your friends you can craft, farm, build houses and attack other players together in Re.poly.

In crafting, you mine common resources that are needed to manufacture tools and equipment. Workbenches unlock new blueprints for advanced items.

In the economy and agriculture you can grow plants and over time the harvest becomes richer and you no longer starve to death.

In the future, you can also buy, breed and sell animals from NPCs. There is also an extensive cookbook with many recipes - invite your friends to your house for a delicious dinner!

Be Part of the development!

Re.Poly is a community based project and the players will have a lot of influence to the process and possibilities of the game. All your ideas will be checked if they fit into the game. If they fit they will take place there.

So feel free to join the discord server: Discord